In order to run VERICUT, the software must be licensed. CGTech issues licenses for each VERICUT module.

When you want to add a module, it is not necessary to install any additional software — just key in the license and the module is activated.


Have your existing license resent…
I already have a VERICUT license.  Use my existing server(s) configuration and send me the latest license.

Apply for a new license…
I do not currently have license information on file with CGTech.
I need a new VERICUT license.

Transfer a current license to a different license server…
I already have a VERICUT license  I want to transfer my license to a different platform/OS;
or combine licenses from different systems to a single computer.

Use this form to request a temporary evaluation copy of VERICUT.
Requires prior approval from CGTech.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Where can I download the latest version of VERICUT?

A.   Click here to request the download instructions. Note: The VERICUT upgrade is only available to customers on a current maintenance plan. If you’re maintenance has expired, click here to contact CGTech.

Q.   What is an “Platform/Operating System?”
A.   Platform/Operating System refers to the combination of computer hardware and software on your system. VERICUT 7.x runs on Windows. VERICUT-supported operating systems include Windows 7 & XP (32 and 64 bit) on Intel Pentium or 100% Pentium-compatible platforms.

Q.   What is a license file and why do I need one?
A.   A license file is a file stored on your computer that contains “codes” or “keys” that allow access to VERICUT and VERICUT options. It is generated by CGTech and is     required to run VERICUT products. All users must submit a License Request form. Upon receipt, CGTech will send license codes via email, which you subsequently save into a license file on your system (directions are included with the license file email).

Q. What is my company ID?
A.   CGTech company ID is a unique number assigned to all accounts. Six digit customer ID’s begin with ‘10xxxx’, and five digit reseller I D’s begin with ‘30xxx’,’20xxx’ for Demo Sites. This ID is in VERICUT license files, packing slips, and mailings sent to your company from CGTech.

Q. What is a Host ID?
A.   Click here for instructions.

Q. Do I need a special license if my client computers are a different computer type than the license server?
A.  If your client computer is a different type than the license server computer, select the platform types in the ‘Additional Computers’ section of the License Request form and those platforms will be added to your license.

Q.   How do I find my “Host ID”?  for Windows:
A.   Click here for instructions.

Q.  What is a Redundant Server?
A.  Redundant server uses three (3) computers that communicate with each other to act as one logical VERICUT license server.  A redundant license server requires that you request special licensing. Three separate computers and corresponding host IDs and host names must be provided. The three computers do not have to be the same platform type. 

Q.  How do I transfer my VERICUT license to a new server?
A.  Complete the License Request on our web site. At the bottom of the form, be sure to complete the License Transfer section. Include the host ID of the new license server as well as the host ID of the old license server. Customers with current maintenance may apply for a license transfer. Contact your CGTech representative regarding the status of your maintenance contract.