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What's included in a VERICUT Purchase?
When you purchase VERICUT, you own the license to use the software permanently, including any modules purchased. The Annual Maintenance Fee is due annually on the anniversary date of the purchased module(s). As long as you are current on Maintenance, you are eligible to receive any VERICUT updates and new releases, and have access to CGTech Tech Support.
What are the benefits of purchasing VERICUT?
• You own the license to use the software outright
• Purchased Licenses cost less over time
• If you fail to renew Maintenance, the software will still work*

*You will not be able to receive software updates or upgrade to a later release, and Tech Support may be limited until Maintenance is renewed. Reinstatement fees may apply.
What's included in a VERICUT Subscription?
A VERICUT Subscription includes the software and any additional modules in your Subscription Plan as long as your Subscription is Active. Maintenance is included in the monthly/annual renewal cost, so you will always have access to the latest version of VERICUT and receive Tech Support as long as the Subscription is Active.
What are the benefits of choosing a VERICUT Subscription?
• Lower cost to acquire
• You can add more seats, modules, and interfaces without as high of an investment
• Maintenance is included*
• You always have access to the latest updates and VERICUT releases*
• Access to Tech Support*

*As long as your Subscription is Active
What's included in the cost of Maintenance?
Maintenance includes Tech Support and access to the latest VERICUT upgrades and software releases.
Is Maintenance included with a Purchase the same as with a Subscription?
Yes. As long as your Maintenance is Active, you enjoy all the benefits of standard Maintenance with either option.
I already purchased VERICUT Verification. Can I add modules through a Subscription?

Existing customers can get a subscription for one or more modules or seats and add them to any software license they have already purchased*, or you can put the subscription license on a different license server.

A new Temporary License that contains all Purchased and/or Subscription modules and seats will replace the existing Permanent License on the same License Server for the duration of the Subscription. If the Subscription runs out, any Purchased software will revert back to the Permanent License.

Maintenance on any purchased software and modules will require an Annual Maintenance fee to remain current. Any modules or additional verification seats added on through a subscription will include Maintenance so long as the Subscription is Active.

*The existing Permanent License must be On-Maintenance in order to add subscription products.
Can I change my Subscription from monthly to annual payments? Annual to monthly?
What is the difference between a Temporary and Permanent License?
Both Temporary and Permanent Licenses require a License Server.

• A Permanent License has no expiration date
• A Temporary License has a predetermined expiration date- typically this would be on the Maintenance Expiration Date for a Purchased License, or upon cancellation or non-payment for a Subscription License.
What is a Cloud License?
A Cloud License is an optional alternative licensing method. Your VERICUT License is hosted on a CGTech License Server instead of on your own server. As long as you have access to the internet, you can access and run the software on your computer. The License Server expires when Maintenance expires.

Both Purchase and Subscription Licenses have the option to be hosted on a Cloud License.
What is a Commuter License?
A Commuter License allows you to check out a seat of VERICUT and take it on the road. Access to the internet is not necessary to run the software.
What is the difference between 'Fixed' and 'Floating' seats?
• A fixed seat is tied to a host ID and can only be accessed by a single user at any given time
• A floating seat can be shared between multiple users, but the number of licenses purchased determines how many employees can use VERICUT at the same time

Floating seats come standard with VERICUT.
Can I convert my license from a Subscription to a Purchase? Can I convert my Purchase to a Subscription?
How much can I save with VERICUT?
Try our interactive savings calculator to see how much VERICUT Verification can save you.

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