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The New Generation of Composites Applications

Latest Composites Release

Enhanced Graphics Display

VCS 9.0’s greatly enhanced image quality provides sharper, clearer views that make it easier to spot problems and imperfections in composite parts. Get optimal performance running simulations in a single view. Switch seamlessly between Workpiece, Machine, or Profile views, or view layouts for optimal viewing.

Streamlined Verification

Any of VCS’s major functions, such as Section, and X-Caliper, can be used in any view which streamlines the verification effort and increases productivity.

Appearance Settings

Appearance settings accompany the “Color” option for components and models, and can be used to add realism to objects in VCS. A list of common materials is provided and can be used to make NC machines, fixtures, and tooling to look more lifelike, as well as easier to identify errors or incorrect placement of tape.

VCS Appearance Settings

VCS Section Window

VCS Enhanced Graphics

Enhanced Translucency and New Stock/Design View

Translucency can be applied to machine components or the form model, then adjusted by the Translucency slider on the View tab. Translucency can also be set individually via the aforementioned Appearance Settings.

Enhanced Reviewer App

VCS’s Reviewer application is powered by the same enhanced graphics engine featured in VCS Verification, and users will also immediately notice the dramatic boost in performance!

New Section Window

The new Section window is easier to use with dynamic section plane locations and angle adjustments. More options are available for how section planes are defined, including easy ¾ “wedge” section views, control over which object(s) are sectioned, and which view show sectioned objects.

VCS Reviewer
VCS Streamlined Verification