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VERICUT is fully integrated into the COSCOM data process!

COSCOM Factory - and ToolDIRECTOR is the basis for an integrated data solution of NC programming for machine room simulation VERICUT. Thanks to the new COSCOM TCI technology, it is possible to provide tool graphics for milling and turning applications for VERICUT, irrespective of the CAD / CAM system used.

The COSCOM DIRECTOR solution is a "push-button solution" and starts VERICUT with all the necessary information - machine, NC program, 3D clamping sketch, raw finished part, tools.

The COSCOM CAD / CAM system ProfiCAM is used for the NC programming of milling machines and lathes. ProfiCAM can be supplemented by the NC-block-based engine room simulation VERICUT. Within the COSCOM CAM project, the start of VERICUT with the corresponding clamping devices, the tools and the post-processed NC program is possible at the touch of a button.

VERICUT is launched from the FactoryDIRECTOR data platform. For several managed NC programs, the user can make a corresponding selection.

The tool list created for the NC program contains 3D tool graphics from the COSCOM tool management ToolDIRECTOR. The tools are handed over to VERICUT ready for use.

The entire VERICUT simulation layout - NC program, raw finished parts, tools - is created in the COSCOM system at the touch of a button. VERICUT is started with the corresponding machine and is in the "start position".