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It’s never been easier to get Sandvik Coromant tool assemblies into VERICUT!

The CoroPlus® ToolLibrary application makes it simple to create 3D tool models that can be quickly read into VERICUT. CoroPlus® ToolLibrary will generate a GTC (Generic Tool Catalog) zip file that can be read into VERICUT’s Tool Manager using the CoroPlus Interface. Individual or multiple GTC files can be read at one time.

CoroPlus® ToolLibrary can be used directly from the Sandvik Coromant website using the “Build tool assembly” available once a Sandvik tool component is found or by having an account to CoroPlus ToolLibrary. Easy to use search capabilities and intelligent item selection within CoroPlus® ToolLibrary helps to quickly find and assemble cutting tool items to build 3D assemblies. Exact product codes or tool component descriptions can also be entered to find the items you are looking for.

Read in the 3D tool assemblies using the CoroPlus® Interface along with cutting data provided by Sandvik to use in VERICUT’s optimization software to reduce NC program run times and lengthen tool life.

learn more about CoroPlus® ToolLibrary and the CoroPlus® Interfacewebsite

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